discovering and honoring the truth of who you are

We offer some of the best-kept secrets in personal development.

Action-oriented processes, tools, and skills to support you in releasing the emotional pain caused by loss. A loss that might involve divorce, a move, a broken heart, or any one of the other 40+ losses.

The Founder

Diana Curtis is the founder of Holistic Springs, Inc., and the Creator of the “Growing Through Grief System” helping women create a sacred path for healing. As a Minister, Advanced Grief Recovery Specialist, and Certified Spiritual Life Coach, she applies a holistic approach to healing and offers life-enhancing experiences for her clients.


Who We ARE

Holistic Springs, Inc., is a Non-Profit 501c3 Organization providing grief support, coaching, and teaching that supports women and girls in discovering and honoring the truth of who they are, such that they are living with the fulfillment of heartfelt dreams and desires.

Our approach is holistic and includes the integration of spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical healing.

Our Mission


Our mission at Holistic Springs Coaching is to teach action-oriented programs, such as the “Healing Through Grief” created by the Founder of Holistic Springs, Inc.; and “Grief Recovery Method®”, created by the “Grief Recovery Institute”; so that women can address and heal the emotional pain that follows a loss or heartbreak.

Many of those we serve are afraid, alone, and have no hope for the future. Likewise, many of these women experienced Advanced Childhood Experiences (ACEs). Which ultimately led to experiences of domestic violence, drug abuse, addictions, and poor health issues. See more on ACEs HERE.

We partner with other non-profits who share our vision of a new model of power for women who have had experiences with law enforcement, unwed pregnancy, and domestic abuse.

We are a recovery community teaching women not only how to stay clean, but how to change their old pattern of thinking and living and replace them with new behaviors. The organization provides community and life skill support to eliminate the possibility for aloneness and isolation while on a journey of recovery.

Our Vision

It is our desire to create a world where millions of women and girls are living a courageous and magical life of wholeness. As they mother, nurture and love themselves, and; make choices from the truth of who they are no matter their life's situation.

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Give BAck

With a cost of approximately $2100 to sponsor a woman to the Grief Recovery Method Program, generous contributions are deeply appreciated. It will make a difference in the lives of promising leaders, their communities, and the world.


Ways to give back: Donations

Holistic Springs depends on the generosity of individuals, foundations, and corporations to supplement fees associated with the services provided. Every gift enhances and supports the experience of motherless daughters and women and girls affected by teenage pregnancy and domestic violence.

We welcome your tax-deductible gift today!

Mail your gift to us at:
1557 Buford Drive STE 491496
Lawrenceville, Ga 30049-9998

Checks may be made payable to Holistic Springs, Inc.

Or the link below to GIVE ONLINE using your credit card and/or PayPal account.




Holistic Springs serves with a variety of non-profits. Our current initiatives include partnerships with:

Advanced Grief Recovery Specialist Lawrenceville GA Gwinnett County Jail


Holistic Springs envisions a future in which women’s reentry into society from incarceration occurs with dignity and advances what matters most in their lives. We provide nurturing and mutual relationships and a vision for a better future.

Mothers of the Movement

Holistic Springs is now serving mothers who lost a son or daughter due to social injustices.

We believe when one of us loses a child, all of us feel that hurt. And, it leads to higher rates of health issues.

Advanced Grief Recovery Specialist Lawrenceville GA Diana Curtis Mothers Of The Movement
Advanced Grief Recovery Specialist Lawrenceville GA Diana Curtis Motherless Daughters

Motherless Daughter

The need for Motherless Daughters groups is steadily increasing. Women of all ages are often left alone in society and expected to learn how to navigate life on their own. Many know what a woman is expected to do, but few have an understanding of how a woman can be for herself and within herself. We provide a safe and sacred place for women and girls to experience a gentle and loving process for healing. Our holistic approach is tailored for their specific needs and moves forward with grace and ease.

Teenage Pregnancy

Although teenage pregnancy has been declining since 2004, there still is a growing number of girls who do not have the basic skills to sustain a healthy lifestyle. We provide life skills and spiritual and personal development that support girls in making healthy choices for themselves. The first step to their success is to develop a vision life plan with easy strategies and resources for carrying out the plan.

Advanced Grief Recovery Specialist Lawrenceville GA Diana Curtis Teenage Pregnancy Help


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Holistic Springs Coaching

1557 Buford Drive STE 491496
Lawrenceville, GA 30049-9998

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“Diana’s passionate expression for women’s inner strength and power has been evident since the first time I met her. Her desire to help others see a bigger vision for themself is contagious. Her warm, holistic approach to coaching continues to inspire me into action.”

- Georgette Taylor

“Working with Diana has given me a framework for walking the walk and talking the talk. It is evident through her compassionate way of helping others release their blockages that she has done her own personal work and healing. Whether it is through transforming relationships or aligning the vision and self-image, she is always ready to serve others.”

- Eileen Teran

“I have never experienced a holistic approach to coaching and healing as Diana’s approach. She is careful to start with the end in mind by identifying what it is you truly desire. With a community of warm-hearted women, she makes creativity fun through visuals that lead you on a path of authenticity and ease, resulting in amazing results.”

- Stephanie Henry