Taking Small Steps With Great Love
 Taking Small Steps With Great Love



Welcome to Holistic Springs!


Holistic Springs, Inc., Atlanta, Ga, provides coaching services to those needing support in the fullfillment of purpose and maximizing potential.


In the beginning, you were created to be love, and you are still love.  There is nothing about you that is inherently bad. 


A purpose has been etched into your being.  You have been born to fulfill that purpose 

in a way that only you can.  


Every experience will facilitate understanding of your purpose.  Every person you have met has played an important role in helping you understand your purpose.


You may have been influenced by your environment or life in such a degree that you have lost touch with the truth of your self and your purpose.  You must choose to live your divine self and purpose.


The guidance you need to recover your true self and purpose is available.

Balancing your heart, mind, and emotions is the key to bringing forth the experience and expression of who you are, purpose and the talents and gifts you possess.


The greatest service we offer is a light on a path that leads to authenticity.

We are here to guide you to be and achieve that which you desire for your life.


What is one thing that you can change today that will change your entire life?


What do you desire in your life?


No matter where you are in life, you can benefit from our programs.

We will help awaken your heart to live more fully.





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